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We are a group of talented and experienced media-minded specialists who consult with you, then create and deliver measurable media impact by merging art and science into truly unforgettable stories.

  • challenge 2

    Remington Designs – iCoffee SpinBrew Challenge

    Taking inspiration from an iconic experiential advertising campaign, we shot, edited and aired the 1st phase of this campaign in record time. What we learned will hopefully help us make this an iconic campaign for …

  • Wexner_SoFar_Cover

    Lbrands: “A look back…”

    Les Wexner started a retail empire with a single store in Columbus, Ohio… 50 years later, L Brands is a Fortune 500 company with world renowned brands that operates around the globe. This is a …

  • MIHomes_DreamRaising

    M/I Homes: “Dream Raising”

    This uplifting film helped to kick off a new internal and external ‘rally cry’ for the innovative home builder. “Move Up”, a simple but inspiring message, has resonated with both customers and associates of M/I …

  • WhiteCastle_AtTheMovies_Cover

    White Castle: At The Movies

    You can now satisfy your crave for an iconic White Castle “At The Movies.” There’s no better way to promote that than in a message shown strictly in theaters, aimed directly at moviegoers. Yum!

  • OhioState_ButForOhioState_Cover

    Ohio State University: “But For Ohio State….”

    How do you announce a $100 million dollar gift to one of the largest Universities in America? The key is throwing away the script and being as authentic and approachable as possible to let the …

  • Educational Consulting_ScheduleSmart_Cover

    Capture, Educational Consulting Services: “Schedule Smart”

    Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple, or so says Dr. Suess. Capture Educational Consulting Services offer an elegant and simple solution for school scheduling. We had to find a technique to …

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    Over the last 30 years, we have had the privilege of working with a host of incredible clients and iconic brands. What they all have in common is a commitment to telling compelling stories that motivate, educate, inform and entertain while building memorable and enduring connections.

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